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crazy stranger(s)

Ang galing. Hahahaha. Salamat @calishandyyy #yungcheekskodefinedtalaga

Ito yung mga panahong.. Uhh.. Wala akong maisip. 😂 #RCNewMedia #2012

To whom it may concern,

Smoking in public is already bad enough. What makes it even worse is the I-dont-care-attitude for the second-hand smokers, especially when you’re walking ahead of them. Not everyone’s too amused with that, you know. I just think that this is an example of what our law-makers should be focusing on. Please respect the people around you. Please respect your environment. Please stop smoking, and do yourself a favor.

A second-hand smoker who doesn’t really get the point of smoking.

It’s always a pleasure. :) thank you, too SS :)

The feels.

To the rescue sa oras ng pangangailangan. #beroccagang #bosesrobot #sakitsabrain

It is only by God’s grace that brought me to the pulpit and share my testimony. I can only praise God even more for I am being used for His glory. Nothing more can exceed the joy there is with having Jesus Christ in my life. It’s the best. Simply the best. Thank You, Lord! 👍💓💓💓👆08242014

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Dalawa nga pong jumbo siopao. 😂😂😂

Hindi ko ma-gets, Facebook. Hindi ko talaga ma-gets. Y U LYK DIS TO ME? #hugowt

Team APAC! #mayliwanagangbuhay #push hahahaha!

This is how far my “artistic” skills could go. Hahaha!

3E. Evolve-Excel-Empower. MYR 2014. August 21, 2014. New World Hotel, Makati. Thank You, Lord. 👆#3EMYR2014

Team APAC. #3EMYR2014

Evolve. Excel. Empower.